We Hope You’re Hungry- It’s Appetizers Time!

Can you feel your stomach grumble and want something quick and delicious? We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when it comes to food, especially when you’re going out with other people or looking for a brunch in Aurora, CO. If you live in Aurora, the choices can seem overwhelming. That said, we’re here to suggest something that might make everyone happy: appetizers! 

You can open your meal with something tasty that everyone can share! You can find amazing choices from pizza rolls to nachos and wings at Legends of Aurora Sports Grill! We’ve served countless groups over the years, so we guarantee you’ll only find fantastic meals. You should be able to have great food without waiting for ages to be served. Find something you’ll love here!

Why Host Your Party at Legends of Aurora

There’s Something Special For Everyone

You want options when you go out to eat, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re craving. At Legends of Aurora, we have an appetizer menu full of amazing choices. So whether you feel like having something spicy, greasy, or cheesy, we have you covered! Here are some of our most popular appetizers:

  • We have the best nachos in town! We layer crispy tortilla chips with beans, tomatoes, melted cheddar, and sour cream that you can enjoy with jalapenos and salsa.
  • Classic pizza rolls are always a hit! Get ready to dig into a plate of cheesy and flavorful bites.
  • Our famous wings are an all-time favorite! They come with your choice of sauce and veggies on the side.
  • You need to try our carne asada fries! These are loaded with steak, cheese, and sour cream.

These are just a few of our delicious appetizers. We have more: potato skins, popcorn chicken, crispy Brussels sprouts, and garlic cheese bread. Try your favorite!

A Food Menu to Share With Family & Friends

Why sit alone when you can share a meal with friends and family? We have various tables and rooms where you can get together and enjoy a tasty meal! Our family restaurant has been around for years, so we know how to make everyone feel welcome. Plus, we have weekly happy hour specials where you can get great deals on appetizers and drinks.  

Come Over For a Finger-Licking Experience!

If you’re out with friends craving for something quick everyone can enjoy, make sure to come by Legends of Aurora Sports Grill! We know that sometimes it’s hard to choose what you want to eat, so why not start with something small that everyone can share? Our appetizers are sure to hit the spot and make your mouth water! So come over, make your order, and fulfill your cravings!


We know there are days when you don’t have the energy to cook or don’t want to wait an hour to be seated in a crowded restaurant. But you don’t have to! You deserve quality options that you can enjoy in a comfortable setting. So if you’re looking for happy hour restaurants, visit Legends of Aurora Sports Grill for an experience like no other!

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