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As a dedicated sports fan planning a watch party at home, you want your friends and family to have a great time. That includes enjoying mouthwatering food and a space to cheer for your favorite team. 

Finding a reliable catering service that captures the essence of a sports grill can be tricky. Don’t let this  dilemma prevent you from pulling off a successful event. 

At Legends Of Aurora, we get you. We’ve provided top-quality catering services for more than 3 decades. Bring the excitement of our sports grill directly to your home!

Get To Know Our Catering Options

When planning your game-watch party, it’s crucial to ensure that your guests have delicious food options. To help you make the best choices for your event, let’s explore some of our most popular catering selections:


  • Chicken Wings: A classic sports grill favorite, our wings are perfect for satisfying your guests’ cravings during the game.


  • Veggies: Offer a healthy and refreshing option for those who prefer lighter fare or have dietary restrictions.


  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta: This creamy, indulgent dish will surely please your guests and keep them returning for more.


  • Buffalo Chicken Salad: This option combines the tangy kick of buffalo sauce with fresh greens and vegetables for a flavorful twist on a traditional salad.

Spicy Popcorn Chicken: Add some heat to the party with these bite-sized morsels that pack a punch.

How To Plan Your Event With Us

Overcoming the challenges of getting catering services from a sports grill for your watch party is a breeze with Legends Of Aurora’s services and expertise. Follow these three simple steps to ensure your event is a hit in Aurora, CO:


  • Browse Our Catering Options: Explore our diverse menu of delicious food choices to create the perfect selection for your game-watch party, catering to all tastes and preferences.


  • Contact Us To Coordinate: Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your event requirements and finalize the menu. We’re here to help you design a personalized catering experience that exceeds your expectations.


  • Receive The Best Service In Aurora: Sit back and relax as our exceptional catering service delivers mouthwatering food and top-notch service, making your game-watch party the talk of the town.

Enjoy Your Favorite Game By Working With Legends Of Aurora

Avoid a watch party with basic food that underwhelms  your guests. Choosing Legends Of Aurora ensures a successful event. Go ahead and contact us today to learn about our options. You won’t have to worry about anything else!


Experience the thrill of a sports grill at home by working with Legends Of Aurora – your go-to catering service for any occasion in Aurora, CO.

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