What Is The Difference Between Rare And Medium Rare Steak?

Sometimes you crave a juicy steak with veggies, fries, or baked potatoes. So when you go to a restaurant and receive an over or undercooked steak, it’s normal to feel disappointed and even angry. After all, you had a clear vision of how your dish would be, and you deserve to get exactly what you ordered. 

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ll carefully look at the difference between rare and medium-rare steak. From cooking time to types of cuts, you’ll learn how to prepare a mouth-watering steak. That way, the next time you sit at a restaurant, you can surely get the perfect steak you asked for. Let’s begin!

Rare Steak vs Medium Rare Steak

Rare steaks are those cooked for a very short time, usually just two minutes on each side. This leaves the inside of the steak rare and cool to the touch. The outside will be lightly seared and slightly browned. Rare steak has a warmer center and is juicy but slightly chewy.

On the other hand, medium-rare steak is cooked for three minutes on each side. It’s slightly firmer than its rare counterpart yet still moist and pink. The outside of a medium-rare steak will be browned and seared. It’s a perfect balance between a rare and well-done steak.

What Kind Of Steak Is Best For Rare & Medium Rare?

The best steaks for rare or medium rare cooking are tender cuts, such as ribeye and filet mignon. These cuts have enough fat to stay juicy during the shorter cooking time. Tougher cuts, such as flank steak, are best cooked longer. So next time you visit a restaurant, ask your server what kind of steak they have in stock.

Get an Unbeatable Ribeye Steak at Our Local Restaurant

When you go out for a steak, you want something perfectly cooked that fits your craving. So if you’re frustrated about being served under or overcooked steaks, it’s time to try someplace new. At Legends of Aurora Sports Grill, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect steak, whether rare or medium rare. Our family restaurant has been serving the community  for three decades, so you can trust our experience.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a table at our restaurant.
  2. Ask for our ribeye steak.
  3. Enjoy your meal just the way you asked!

We understand you’re looking forward to the perfect steak, so we will do our best to cook it just how you want it. Don’t risk spending another night complaining about your steak; remember what you learned in this blog post, and come to the best restaurant in Aurora! You’ll have a memorable, mouth-watering experience that will have you return for more. We’d love to serve you!

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